Help Your Trees Grow and Thrive

We offer aeration and fertilization services

Contact Darby's Tree Service to schedule tree aeration and fertilization services. We'll create holes in the ground around your tree before we fertilize, so the roots can soak up essential nutrients. We recommend you fertilize your trees once a year. Get in touch with us today to make an appointment.

Why fertilize your trees?

Why fertilize your trees?

Most trees don't get all of the nutrients they need. People tend to overwater their trees, but don't give much thought to fertilizing them. Here are a few things to remember about trees and why you should fertilize them:

  • Fertilizing your trees will make them healthy and strong.
  • Your grass will look lush and green.
  • The leaves on your trees won't droop, and the canopy will be fuller.
  • Aeration allows essential nutrients to go beneath the surface of the soil.

Our aeration and fertilization services will ensure that your trees are getting all of the nutrients they need to grow and fight disease. Call Darby's Tree Service now to schedule tree aeration and fertilization.