Clear Your Property After Tree Removal

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When you remove trees from your property, you're left with unattractive tree stumps in your yard. Darby's Tree Service offers residential and commercial stump grinding services in Acadiana, LA. We can remove any stump-no matter how big it is or where it's located. Get in touch with us today to schedule stump grinding.

Safe and effective stump grinding

Safe and effective stump grinding

Tree stumps bring down the curb appeal of your property, and removing them is extremely difficult. Hire Darby's Tree Service for professional tree stump removal. Our stump grinding service includes:

  • Grinding eight to 10 inches below the ground using our stump grinder.
  • Removing the tree stump.
  • Cleaning up the chips once the job is complete.
  • Filling the hole with dirt.

Are you ready to rid your yard of pesky tree stumps? Call Darby's Tree Service today to get a free quote on stump removal.